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Berlin / 2017

A hypermediac Music, Poetry and Dance Improvisation.


Many artists coming together on two simultaneous stages in Berlin (Kaos) and Sao Paulo (Casa Colorida) in order to improvise and to celebrate the birth of the documentary Transmodernity!


Cecília Erismann improvised upon her personal notes on transmodernity, Victor Landau  improvised electronic music and Beatrix Joyce gave life to all the sounds, words and images through her contemporary dancing. Meanwhile, in Brazil, the Casa Colorida was hosting another performance: the public there were becoming the performer that was being projected back to the stage in Berlin, where another camera was facing the stage and projecting the final image back to Brazil, where the was a camera… The transmission was  live and both events were connected. The public in Berlin had its participation contemplated on the general atmosphere of the performance, where each presence in the room has a role.



Beatrix Joyce

Benjamin Wagner 

Cecília Erismann 

IsaBella Maia

Jéssica Paola

Pedro Alves

Victor Landau 


Organizations involved:

Dream - Acting

Casa Colorida

Transmodernity - The Film

Revista Vaidapé

Laetitia Michal 

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