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Carta - Zero 

Berlin 2017 - 2018

The poet writes the letter during one week, completely emerged on the músic 'Zero' and inspired by her muse Marta Bala. It was during this week, at Blucherstrasse, Rodrigo's home, that the first performance appears: 'Malinha de Mão: a gente fica mordida', the poet's first trial of delivering the 'letter-zero' to the public and Liniker (the singer of Zero)

After the performance, life changes, the relationship to the music and text changes and comes the second version of the letter, that is delivered to the public and Liniker during the improvisation 'Fluxus', when the contemporary dancer Beatrix Joyce and the music of Vox Populi Records join the poet's journey. Then everything changes and the letter is re-edited live.

Everything keeps on evolving: poet, text and music. The ambient-sounds of the friend Caapi join the last journey of the delivery of the letter-zero, at the moment where poet, audience and Liniker meet - event here.

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