Exhibitions / performances / work:

  • ‘Free Wishes Poetry immersion’ a poetry – music collaboration with the Cuban musician Nulyra Lv for the Dream Acting, simultaneously at Pavilleon (ZH) and Akqa Casa (SP) – Sao Paulo and Zurich / 2017

  •  ‘We Love Us’, inaugural three artists exhibition at the Lite – Haus Gallery – Berlin / April 2016

  • ‘On preferring to’, poetry-music-video performance at 11 Manifesta Biennale – Zurich / 2016

  • ‘A dialogue between poetry and philosophy: An encounter of the writer with his reader’ launch and video performance in collaboration with the Mexican artist ‘Pablo de La Pena at Sphères – Zurich / 2016

  • ‘Free whishes Exhibition’, multisensory exhibition – São Paulo and Zurich / 2015-2016

  • ‘Poetry and Musical Improvisation’ with the Syrian artist and musician Zolfaqar Shaarani at Arthere – Istanbul / 2015

  • ‘Literatur für das was passiert’, writing performance with proceeds donated to helping Refugee’s situation – Zurich/Basel 2015 – 2016

  • ‘I will, would you?’ solo 3-day poetic-action on freedom in a deactivated prison for the ‘REIHEIT in SOEHT.7 exhibition’ at ‘Kunst.Raum Steglitz’ – Berlin / 2016

  • ‘Sao Paulo’, poetry reading at  ‘Virada Cultural’ São Paulo’s largest street art cultural event – São Paulo / 2014

  • 2012 – European Network of National Civil Society Associations (ENNA). Function: Internship as assistant of the General Secretary. Responsible for news’s publication in the ENNA`s website as well as assistant of the general secretary in daily life`s activity, during one week.


  • Member of the cultural center and collective ‘Haus aus der Interdisziplinarität’ – Zurich / 2015 – 2016

  • ‘Maumau Writers and Artists in Residency’ at MauMau – Istanbul / April 2015


  • ‘Dream Acting - Free Wishes ZH – SP’ multisensory, multimedia and simultaneous event at Pavilleon (ZH) and Akqa Casa (SP) – Sao Paulo and Zurich / 2017

  • ‘Between us’, a collaborative dialogue between her poetry and the photos of Charlotte J Ward – around the world / since 2015

  • ‘Languages of Love, collective exhibition for the Time to Muse – Berlin / 2015

  • ‘Love will save the world’ collaborative action at 48 Hours Neukolln – Berlin / 2015

  • Interactive and itinerant ‘Love Letter Project’ – Sao Paulo, Berlin and Zurich / since 2014

  • ‘Ocupando e se ocupando da Arte’ art and poetic workshop for children at Comboio – Sao Paulo / 2012

  • ‘Vernissage and exhibition of the New Collection Alecrim at Armazém Piola – Sao Paulo / 2014

  • ‘Learning how to will’, free course in collaboration with the psychologist Maria Kendler – Barra do Sahy / 2008

  •  ‘Experimental atelier of sculpture: Art as a field of social experiences’ at PUC University – Sao Paulo / 2010

  •  ‘Comboio’ cultural and artistic center in Sao Paulo city center for adults and children living in a economical/social extreme situation in Sao Paulo – Sao Paulo / 2011


  • QUARANZINE like a Lady (Zine/short poetical text/non classified text/ author) at Women Writing Berlin Lab- Alemanha / 2020

  • ‘Why Hasn't JB Already Disappeared’ (Book/Philosophy, politics and art/invited poet and illustrator) – at Singapore / 2017

  • ‘Varia-ações’ (Magazine/poetry/author) at Triplov Magazin – Portugal / 2017

  • ‘A dialogue between Poetry and Philosophy. An encounter of the writer with his reader’ (Book/philosophy, poetry and literature/author) at Atropos Press – New York – Dresden / 2016

  •  ANTHOLOGY POESYS 22 (Anthology/poems and short biography/author) at the poetry international festival FUNDAŢIA ACADEMIA INTERNAŢIONALĂ ORIENT-OCCIDENT - Romania / 2016

  • ‘Espaço’ (Magazine/Poetry and photography/invited poet), final work of Joana Coutinho for ‘Pólem Magazin’ at FAAP University – São Paulo / 2015

  • ‘Poesia em Flor Menor’ (Book/Poetry/author) at Editora Patuá – São Paulo / 2014

  • ‘Poetize’(Book/Poetry/national poetry contest/poet) at Vivara Editora – São Paulo / 2014

  • ‘As Ecovilas – uma discussão sociológica sobre o viver em comunidade’ (Senior research project/Sociology/author) at the Social Sciences Department of PUC SP University – Sao Paulo / 2011

Part of:

  • Dream Acting, an on going Multimedia, Multi-sensory and International Project

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