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Last Tango 

She enters in the room,

The old room – so full of memories,

Little pieces of that common life –

Aún intactos - los recuerdos hechos por dos ...


He was there – how could he not be?

He takes her to dance –

Los ojos que todo dicen… silencio.

Las piernas girando, entrelazándose


She dances with him in-between memories,

It is the end of a day,

And from the window

La puesta del sol anaranjada – dícese de ciertas cosas…


He would have stay – he turns her away,

He takes her back into his arms,

Just like in the old times… A drop,

She dances in his arms, but she is already leaving –  


She – deslizando, despacio, hasta el presente,

She dances in-between memories,

Hasta el fin – el ahora – a drop of love,

Falling – going – a good bye, love.


A drop of love,

In the last tango.

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